Drawing up a training program
About us
ACADEMIA TULIPA 10 LTDA is your reliable partner in the field of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. We specialize in tailor-made training programs tailored to your fitness level, goals and body characteristics.

Our team of experienced trainers and physical rehabilitation specialists carefully review your training history, medical history and discuss your goals to create the most effective and safe training program.

We understand that each client has unique requirements and preferences regarding training methods. Therefore, we offer a wide range of physical activities, including strength training, cardio, functional training, Pilates, yoga and more. Combining different approaches, we create the perfect combination for you.
Our advantages
Individual approach
ACADEMIA TULIPA 10 LTDA offers the preparation of training programs, taking into account the individual characteristics of each client. This allows you to achieve more effective results, as the training will be adapted to the level of physical fitness, goals and wishes of the client.
Professional trainers
ACADEMIA TULIPA 10 LTDA has a team of highly qualified trainers with experience and knowledge in the field of physical training. This ensures that clients receive a quality training program, which will be developed taking into account the latest trends and scientific research.
Variety of programs
The company offers a wide range of training programs that include various types of physical activity. This allows clients to choose the most suitable program for themselves, taking into account their individual preferences and goals.
Continuous support and motivation
ACADEMIA TULIPA 10 LTDA provides constant support and motivation to clients throughout the training process. This helps clients stay on track to achieve their goals and keeps them motivated.
Comfortable training environment
The company offers modern equipment and comfortable training environment, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and stimulates the effectiveness of training.
Training Schedule Flexibility
ACADEMIA TULIPA 10 LTDA provides a flexible training schedule, allowing clients to choose a convenient time for training. This is especially convenient for busy people who need flexibility in scheduling their time.
How we are working

Individual consultation and client analysis

- Meeting with clients to conduct an initial interview and understand their fitness goals and expectations from the training program.
- Assessment of the current level of physical fitness of clients, analysis of their medical and anamnestic information.
- Identification of potential limitations and training requirements for clients.
Development of individual training programs
- Based on the information received from clients, Academia Tulipa 10 Ltda specialists will develop individual training programs that meet the goals and needs of each client.
- Training programs will include various physical exercises such as cardio, strength training, stretching and others, as well as nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
Implementation of training programs and customer support
- Organization of group or individual trainings for clients on the basis of Academia Tulipa 10 Ltda.
- Following the developed training programs and constantly assessing the progress of clients.
- Providing personalized support to clients, answering questions, recommendations and regularly updating training programs in accordance with changes in fitness and achievement of clients' goals.
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